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Certificate III + Diploma
Carpentry, Building & Construction

  • Duration: 3 Years

  • Tuition Fee: $6,800/semester

  • Initial Deposit: $6,500*

  • 2 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa upon course completion

This is a package course, includes:

  • 2 Years Certificate III  on Carpentry

  • 1 Year Diploma of Building and Construction

Carpenters  are in demand in Western Australia. And, recently it's been added to the WA Graduate List.

If you're detail-oriented, creative and enjoy hands-on work, this program is for you.

Carpenters are in demand in Western Australia. And, recently it's been added to the WA Graduate List.

This course is ideal if you love working outdoors with wood structures, have good hand-eye coordination and 
the ability to complete work to a high standard.

The course is primarily aimed at the residential sector of the industry where students will be able to construct domestic framework, formwork, scaffolding and footings.


Students will learn how to assemble partitions, construct bulkheads, build timber external stairs, construct, and erect and dismantle form work for stairs, ramps, footings, ground slabs, suspended slabs, columns, beams and walls.

In this program, students will learn how to construct and renovate residential and commercial buildings. Students will also get equipped with hand tools and machines, and learn the different practices of current and emerging industry standards while experiencing the importance of working together safely and efficiently on building sites to meet your clients’ needs.

The program included sessions on drawing, measurement, sawing and joining wood, using power tools, cutting glass, learning about wood structure and types of trees that are the source of timber, and dealing with wood irregularities and defects.

You’ll be able to jump-start your carpentry career and earn a return on your educational investment. Our small class sizes give you plenty of one-on-one time with your instructors, who are master carpenters.

The career outcomes of this course include:

  • Fixing Carpenter

  • Formwork Carpenter

  • Prop and Scenery Maker

  • Joinery Machinist

  • Joinery Patternmaker

  • Joinery Setter-out

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