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Certificate III + Diploma
Bricklaying, Building & Construction

  • Duration: 3 Years

  • Tuition Fee: $6,800/semester

  • Initial Deposit: $4,500*

  • 2 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa upon course completion

This is a package course, includes:

  • 2 Years Certificate III  on Bricklaying

  • 1 Year Diploma of Building and Construction

Bricklayers  are in demand in Western Australia. And, recently it's been added to the WA Graduate List.

If you're detail-oriented, creative and enjoy hands-on work, this program is for you.

This course aims to prepare you for employment or further training within the bricklaying industry. 

You will carry out your practical training in our dedicated workshops, learning skills such as how to construct garden walls, basic bricklaying, constructing cavity walling for houses, and how to read drawings and position buildings. You will also develop the hand skills that are needed to use the wide variety of tools required in the industry.

You also get other important skills, like how to read construction documents, understand building codes, plan projects and work as a part of a team.

The career outcomes of this course include:

  • Bricklayer

  • Stonemason

  • Arch Builder

  • Chimney Builder

  • Refractory Bricklayer

  • Retort Setter (Bricklaying)

  • Tuckpointer


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