COVID-19 Coronavirus Affect on your VISA

COVID-19 Affect on your VISA

Following are all the queries that you may have regarding the impact of COVID-19 Coronovirus in your VISA.

As things are changing rapidly, we are happy to guide you regarding any of your VISA, Migration or Study related queries.

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🔹🔸 Who can travel to Australia?

✅ An Australian citizen​

✅ A permanent resident of Australia

✅ A New Zealand citizen — usually resident in Australia

Please note that, as 489/491 Visa holders are not Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen yet, as long the ban is in place, these visa holders if offshore currently will not be allowed to be back in Australia. 

The department of Immigration will take this case into consideration while assessing the requirement to stay.

🔹🔸 Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

Temporary Graduate Visa application deadline has been extended until September 2020. Previously it was June 2020. But there are chances if the Travel Ban extends for longer than expected, this deadline could be further extended.

Please note that you can apply for your Temporary Graduate Visa.

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RACC Australia – Education and Migration Services is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN1572961. MARN1172003). We have been operating in Australia for more than 20years. Plan your Visa and Permanent Residency the right way.

🔹🔸 Student Visa (subclass 500)

The Department of Home Affairs plays no role in authorizing the modes of study for international students and is guided by education sector regulators, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards  Agency (TEQSA)  and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), on whether students can count online learning towards completion of their course.

However, most on-campus classes has moved online. We advise you to contact and follow the guidelines provided by your Education Institute.

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🔹🔸 Tourist Visa and Visitor Visa Holders

If You hold a Tourist Visa which is expiring and due to the Travel Ban you are not allowed to travel back to your country, you will have to apply for a new Visa before your current visa expiry date.

Please note that you can overstay your current visa and breach the vis conditions, it is essential to lodge a new visa application before the current one expires.

One plausible option could be to apply for a 1 Year affordable student Visa which starts from $6000 per year with an instalment payment option.

At RACC Australia – Education and Migration services, we do not charge any service fee for student visa application.

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🔹🔸 Working Holiday Visa Holders

Working Holiday Visa holders are not allowed to apply for a Tourist Visa while they are in Australia, but since the COVID-19 Coronavirus is considered as an exceptional case, you are now allowed to apply for a Tourist Visa onshore, however, please note that you will not be able to work under Tourist Visa.

One possible option is to apply for a Student Visa. We can suggest you affordable courses starting from $6000 per year with an available installment payment option.

At RACC Australia - we do not charge service fee for student visa applications.

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🔹🔸 An exception to the Travel Ban

An exception to the Travel Ban for an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident

An immediate family strictly include spouses, dependent children and legal guardians.

If you’re holding a temporary visa (except Partner and Child visa), you will have to request an exemption by filling in an enquiry and attaching proof like Attach proof, such as marriage certificate and birth certificate for your children, on the official Department of Home Affairs website:


You can only travel to Australia once permission is granted. Self-isolation for 14 days at home or hotel is still effective.


For Partner (subclasses 100, 309, 801, 820)/ Child (subclasses 101, 102, 445) visa holders, you are still allowed to enter Australia (except Prospective Marriage, subclass 300 holders) without the exemption request. If you are not holding any visa, arrival to the country is not allowed and please apply for a temporary visa as soon as possible.


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🔹🔸 The requirement of Additional Documents 

(Health Check/ Medical Check-up/ Police Check/ English Exam delayed) – What to do?

Due to the Government’s Travel Ban and shutdown measurement effective from 25th March 2020, the non-essential businesses are closed including entities like English Test Centre and Biometric test centres, the applicants are advised to stay calm and wait until further notice.

Immigration will take the lapse of time as a consideration. It is advised by Bupa to its customers who have booked Health test or Medical Check up to wait until further notice. You will not have to take any action regarding this, the associated entity will contact you regarding any updates.

So, we advise everyone not to panic and stay calm during this time of uncertainty as currently is evident that Police Check, Medical Checkup will be delayed.

English Exams

As the English centres are closed, a lot of the students and visa applicants are currently limbo as they can not take the exam. Immigration will take these facts as a consideration. Stay tuned on our Facebook Page and News section. We will try to post as soon as there are any updates available.

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As things are changing at a rapid pace and sometimes overnight, please check the Government websites for any Coronavirus related updates and visa condition changes: