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Successful Application!

408 Visa for COVID-19


August 2023

You may be aware of Covid Visa (subclass 408), which may not be an option for you anymore.

  • From February 2024, the Covid visa will be closed to all applicants. 

  • From 2 September 2023, the Pandemic Event visa will only be open to applications from existing Pandemic Event visa holders.
    All other visa holders will be ineligible for the Pandemic Event visa.


Few possible alternate options to Covid visa:

  • 1 Year Diploma courses starting from $5,000. Multiple major options.

  • Certificate III+ Certificate IV in Ageing support package course: starting from only $5,150/year

  • Up to 30% Scholarship for In-demand Bachelor/Master courses.

  • 2 Years of Graduate Visa (With Full time working right) with Diploma courses.

  • PR pathway with Aged care courses (Starting from $7,000 per year).

  • 2 Years Master of Research course with full-time working right during study period (AU$13,500/year)

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August 2023

The Government is closing the Pandemic Event COVID visa (subclass 408).

  • From February 2024, the Covid visa will be closed to all applicants. 

  • From 2 September 2023, the Pandemic Event visa will only be open to applications from existing Pandemic Event visa holders.

  • All other visa holders will be ineligible for the Pandemic Event visa.

From 2 September 2023, new applications will receive a 6-month visa. Visa Application will be charged for $405 AUD will also be introduced.

If you wish to apply for covid visa you must apply within 1 September 2023, next steps:

  1. Check Covid Visa Eligibility.

  2. If eligible, apply by 1 September 2023.
    If not eligible, explore other visa options.

Step 1

To check your eligibility and apply for a Covid Visa, answer the below questions and send an email to

Question 1: Are you holding any other visa than a Tourist visa?

Question 2: Is your current visa expiring by 30 November 2023?

Question 3: Do you currently have a job (Any job)?

If all the answers are yes, then you're eligible.

Step 2

  • If you're eligible, please send us an email and we will send you the document checklist and application form and lodge your application by tomorrow. 

  • If you're not eligible, we will contact you by next week to explore your other visa options.

July 2023

As we enter the new Financial year, COVID visa will continue for eligible new applicants.  If you are within 90 days of your visa expiry, you should consider lodging your application as soon as possible.

22 February 2023

Temporary Graduate visa holders in Australia whose:

  • Visas expired or will expire between 1 September 2022 and 1 July 2023,

  • Or Temporary Graduate visa holders who were in Australia throughout the pandemic period and are therefore not eligible for the TGV Replacement stream

  • You must be working in Australia or have an offer of employment. 

May be eligible for the COVID-19 Pandemic Event (subclass 408) visa with a 2-year stay period.

You must apply 90 days before your TGV expires, or 28 days after your TGV expires to be eligible for a Pandemic event visa. 

If you are granted a 408 Pandemic Event visa, you will not be eligible to then apply separately for an extended TGV. 

Successful application!

Our client got granted 2 years of Covid Visa


  • TR expiry date: 09 Jul 2022

  • Covid Visa Lodge: 20 Jun 2022

  • Covid Visa granted date: 27 Feb 2023

  • Previous study background: Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)

  • Current occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Who and What is this visa for?

Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408) Visa is generally for Government endorsed and special events; the Australian Government however has declared COVID-19 as an event that could be considered under this Visa.

This is known as the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa.

Who can apply?

  • If you were in Australia before 21 February 2022 and were working or intending to work in Australia; or

  • arrive in Australia on or after 21 February 2022 and have work rights on your substantive visa; or

  • have a job offer from a Commonwealth funded aged care service, even if you do not have work rights on your current substantive visa.

Length of Stay with COVID visa

  • up to 12 months if you are working in the key sectors of agriculture, food processing, health care, aged care, disability care, child care, and tourism and hospitality

  • up to 6 months if you are working in any other sector

The benefit of the 408 Visa?

  • Stay in Australia for up to 12 months

  • You can work full time

  • You can apply for this Visa for FREE

There is no fixed period of stay for all COVID 408 visas granted, the Department of Home Affairs will decide based on every single applicant’s situation.

There is no visa fee for COVID 19 Pandemic Event visa (subclass 408)

You may need to pay costs for your health examinations, police checks, and biometrics, but you do not have to pay any charge for this new 408 visa application. You can also include eligible family members in your application and travel from or to Australia multiple times during the stay when travel restrictions are no longer.

Learn more about COVID visa here:

You may be eligible for a COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa (Subclass 408).

To know more and apply for COVID Visa, book your Free Phone/WhatsApp Consultation via this link:


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