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Popular Study Options and in-demand Courses

ACT (Canberra)

Canberra is the capital of Australia. Recently Canberra has been a popular destination for Migrants.
Canberra has it's own Migration points system which is different from that of the Australian points system.
The ACT Migration points system is called ACT Matrix.


If you meet the requirement of studying in a Regional Area in Australia, you may be eligible to ADD Extra points towards your PR Application.

At RACC, we do not charge any service Fee if you apply for a course through us.

We are connected to Cricos provided schools and institutes all across Australia. The following are only a few of the current most popular and in-demand courses in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). There are lots of other study options for you in Canberra and Australian Capital Territory. 

To find out your study options, book a FREE online consultation with us:


(Registered Migration Agents, MARN1572961, MARN1172003)

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