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Victoria’s Lockdown to End on Thursday


At 11:59 pm on 21 October, more restrictions will be eased in Victoria.


  • Reasons to leave home and curfew are no longer in place

  • 10 people (including dependents) can visit homes in both regional and metropolitan Melbourne each day

  • 15km travel radius will be lifted, however, movement between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne will only be allowed for permitted reasons

  • Religious gatherings, weddings and funerals:

    • will be able to take place with up to 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors (subject to density limits and only if all attendees are fully vaccinated)

    • (if vaccination status is unknown) 10 people are permitted indoors

  • Most outdoor settings – outdoor cafes, cinemas, and physical recreation facilities like pools – will open with up to 50 people per venue (but are subject to density limits and only for those fully vaccinated)

  • The next milestone in the Roadmap will be when Victoria hits the 80% double dose vaccination target, which is predicted to be the first week of November.

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