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Western Australia Graduate Stream

Western Australia has different streams. Among these, one of the most popular is Graduate streams across Australia.

  • With the new relaxed criteria, you can apply for PR directly after your 2 years course completion from an Western Australian institute.

  • An Western Australian Graduate can also get a TR 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa) for up to 4 years.

*Please note that, you must have a positive skills assessment before you can apply for Skilled Migration through Western Australian Graduate stream. To apply for permanent residency, you need to have a positive skills assessment.

What is a positive Skills Assessment?                 
Your Skills (sometimes includes Degree + Work experience) must be accredited by an Australian Skills Assessing body and you must have a positive outcome before applying for Skilled Migration in Australia.

Following are example of few of the most popular Skills Assessment bodies in Australia:


  • AACA – Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, Inc

  • AASW – Australian Association of Social Workers

  • CPA - Chartered Public Accountants

  • TRA – Trades Recognition Australia

  • VETASSESS – Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services

Which courses are eligible for this?

Courses starting from Diploma level may also be eligible for the graduate stream. However, you need to wary that few of the occupations require at least 1 Year work experience before you can apply for a positive skills assessment.  For example, Advertising specialist, Marketing Manager, Multimedia Manager etc.
Another is example, is of IT Graduates; where they need a 1 Year Full time work experience or, a Professional Year Degree along with their Australian Bachelor/Master degree.

However, there are multiple popular occupations where you can attain a positive migration skills assessment just after completing an eligible courses. You do not need to work or have any work experience. Few such occupations which are OPEN for Western Australian Graduate streams are:

  • Accountant

  • Architect

  • Engineers (Multiple disciplines)

  • Registered Nurse (Master of Nursing without Nursing background)

  • Teachers

  • Social Worker etc.

Find out different study options from Western Australia:

Eligible Diploma courses without work experience requirement 

You also can possibly attain a positive migration skills assessment just by completing a diploma level course and apply for WA State sponsor directly through graduate stream. Below are few of the most in-demand options:

  • Community Worker (Get accredited with a Diploma course)

  • Civil Engineering Draftsperson/Technician (Get accredited with a Diploma course)

  • Electrical Engineering Draftsperson/Technician (Get accredited with a Diploma course)

  • Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson/Technician (Get accredited with a Diploma course)

  • Enrolled Nurse (Get accredited with a Diploma course)

For all the IT courses, if you don't have work experience, you can attain a positive skills assessment by completing a Professional year (PY) program after your course completion. Upon completing the PY program, you can directly apply for PR through the WA Graduate stream.

Trade and Cookery occupations

There are cookery and trade occupations, which are also very popular options where a minimum number of work placement/working hours are needed along with your qualification. Following are few of the most popular cookery and trade occupations which are listed under WA Graduate stream:

  • Chef

  • Hairdresser

  • Metal Fabricator

  • Motor Mechanic

  • Painting and Trades Worker

  • Carpenter and Joiner

learn more about Cookery and Trade occupations here: 

Trade Courses in WA:

Cookery Course in WA:


Western Australia Scholarship RACC Australia.png

Government support for WA students

  • Up to $3000 incentive for eligible international students in Western Australia.

  • $1,500 for 2,500 eligible students to offset accommodation expenses while studying full-time in WA in Semester 2, 2022

  • $1,500 for 2,000 eligible international students undertaking an approved course in WA.


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