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Professional Year, In-Demand study options and Invitation round update for ICT/Engineering occupations

Migration has changed over the years, it important that you know the trend and take your next step accordingly. There were few invitations for Engineering occupations recently, however, across different states, there are consistent invitations for ICT, Engineering occupations. Accountants recently received invitations across multiple states as well. 

Different states have different requirements, for example, Tasmania recently announced it's requirement where work in ANY occupation or, study in ANY course, makes you eligible. Read more here:

Read specific updates below:

  • Consistent PR invitations for ICT/Engineering occupations

  • Most in-demand occupations

  • Up to $3000 scholarship for Professional Year course

  • You can avail up to 10 points for ''Professional Year'' in Canberra

  • Update on Victoria State and Regional Sponsor criteria and invitations for ICT/Engineering occupations

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