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Migration pathway and Study options for Nurses

Difference between Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurse

If you are opting for a Nursing career, it is pivotal that you understand the difference between Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurse. 

Enrolled nurse

An enrolled nurse is a professional who has completed, at minimum, their diploma qualification. Upon finishing your course of 'Diploma of Nursing', you will be eligible to practice as an ''Enrolled Nurse". 

An enrolled nurse, generally works as part of a team, and generally administrates and monitors medicines and intravenous therapy, whereas Registered Nurses personally create and oversee the management plans of a patient. A Diploma in Nursing qualifies you to be an enrolled Nurse, whereas to become a Registered Nurse you need Bachelor or higher level qualification in Nursing.

  • There are Nursing study pathways across Australia, you can decide to study across Australia. 

  • If you study in a regional area of Australia, you can avail of the benefits of studying in a Regional Area and ADD Extra points to your Migration Visa Application.

  • Metropolitan cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Gold Coast are considered as regional Areas.

  • Places liked Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat (Just 1-hour drive from Melbourne CBD) is also considered as Regional area.

There are lots of study options for the Diploma of Nursing across Australia. You may want to have a glimpse at one of the courses in a regional Victoria:

Diploma of Nursing in Regional Victoria

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There have been a lot of invitations across all states to Registered Nurses with considerably lower points.

Enrolled Nurse has recently been added to Victoria's Priority Occupation list for subclass 491 with relaxed requirement. You can now apply for Victoria's regional Migration (subclass 491) if you are living and working in Regional Victoria as an Enrolled Nurse.

Latest Update from Victoria

If you wish to study more, you can still study Bachelor of Nursing if you would like to pursue a career in Nursing and want to become an Registered Nurse.

PR Invitation for Enrolled Nurses

Registered Nurse have been in high demand across Australia including different states. However, Enrolled Nurses also received PR invitation across few states in the past few months. Following are the states which issued invitation to Enrolled Nurses in recent months.

Change Current Course

If you are currently studying in a different field and, COVID-19 and any personal preference have impacted your decision and you choose to switch or change your field of study/course to Nursing, you may be eligible to do that.

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Registered nurse

A registered nurse is someone who has finished their degree. They will have more function in the development and creation of patient management and care plans. It is the next professional stage from being an enrolled nurse, where workers have greater overview of all facets of the role.

To be eligible to practice as a Registered Nurse in Australia, you need to have qualification in Australia which requires you to complete a Bachelor/Master of Nursing.

1-Year Bachelor of Nursing course (Conversion Program)

If you are a Registered Nurse overseas, you may consider taking up an accredited 1 Year Bachelor of Nursing course (Conversion Program), which can transfer your overseas accreditation as a Registered Nurse.

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2-years accelerated Bachelor of Nursing

If you have a Bachelor in Any field, you may still be eligible for a 2-years accelerated Bachelor of Nursing Program. Currently there are up to 30% Scholarship available for this course.

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Master of Nursing without Nursing background

You may also consider a Master of Nursing without Nursing background.

  • If you have a bachelor of Nursing background, a Master of Nursing could be your next stepping stone to a higher management role related to Nursing.

  • If you do not have a Nursing study background, you may still be eligible to take a Master of Nursing in selected  Universities. For this, you will just need to complete a 2month course worth (starting from AU$400) on Anatomy and Physiology.

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