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Migration and study options for different Engineering Occupations 
With more than 115,000 individual members, Engineers Australia is Australia’s peak body for engineers. It is also the Australian government’s approved authority to assess skills and competencies for the engineering profession. Recently there's been a lot of invitations for Engineering professionals, from multiple disciplines. Most of the Engineering occupations also are in-demand across different Australian states.

Generally for Australian Bachelor/Master and few listed overseas courses, you do not need to post study work experience to apply for a migration skills assessment. Your degree is sufficient enough. For applicants with courses, which are not accredited by Engineers Australia, may also not require relevant work experience which can be substituted by a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) report.

What is CDR report?
CDR report is a document that demonstrates that your skills and knowledge a
s an engineer meets the Australian standards. Engineers Australia (EA) assesses your CDR before deciding whether you fit into the occupational category you are applying for or not, which in turns forms the basis of the approval of your immigration to Australia.

CDR includes 3 career episodes, which not necessarily has to be from work experience rather can also be from your University projects, which means, you can still possibly apply for skills assessment without work experience, hence can apply for skilled migration.

Another benefit for few Engineering occupations is that you may possibly attain multiple skills assessment with the same degree, for example, A Bachelor in Civil Engineering student, may possibly attain a skills assessment as:

  • Civil Engineer

  • Civil Engineering Draftsperson

  • Civil Engineering Technician

Alike this, similar options could be for Electrical Engineers with skills assessment option for multiple occupations.
You may also get a positive migration skills assessment with diploma courses. If you are considering to get into the Engineering field with a diploma course, following could be the options which you may consider. 

Different states in Australia has different requirements. Western Australia recently published there criteria for 2023-24 FY and opened up application submission window for residents all across Australia as well as overseas candidates. Read more on Western Australia state and regional sponsor here:
Read more on each state on our news section:

South Australia State and Regional Sponsor

South Australia has different streams and you may be eligible for exemptions such as not working in your occupation as well. Learn more about different South Australian stream here:

South Australia state sponsor
Outer regional South Australia

Professional Year Program
Since the required points are generally on the high end, it is recommended that you do your Professional Year program at the right time.

A Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and workplace experience for international students who have graduated from a university in Australia in the following courses.​

  • IT Professional Year

  • Accounting Professional Year

  • Engineering Professional Year​


Professional Year Programs run for 12 months and includes 7 months of classes

(1 day per week; with the weekend class option available) + 3 months guaranteed Internship placement.


As per Industry experts, this is a great way for fresh graduates to break into the Australian workforce. More than often, talented graduates get recruited upon successful completion of the Internship Program.

Professional Area in Regional Area

By doing a Professional Area in a Regional Area, you can keep your subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) option open and concurrently can strive to meet the criteria for State and Regional Migration by meeting the State-specific requirement.


Professional Area in Canberra

Canberra is the only region where you can avail yourself of 5 points as a 1-year study in Canberra.

  • You can get 5 points for studying PY  in Canberra

  • and, You can get additional 5 points for staying in Canberra during your PY period.

Living in Queanbeyan may make you eligible for both ACT and NSW Regional Migration. Read more:


Consultation options from onshore and overseas

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  • Scholarship

  • Professional Year options that best suits you as per your Need

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