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Akshay Kumar_485.jpg

Akshay Kumar

from Malaysia

They really helped streamline the entire visa process and really put my heart at ease. Would highly recommend!

Alber Jonathan Christianto Chendra_485.j

Alber Jonathan Christianto Chendra

from Indonesia

RACC helped me with my TR visa application, and I feel grateful for all the help that they provided. I'll definitely recommend RACC for my friends who need help with their visa application.

Ander Plazaola Zabala_485.jpg

Ander Plazaola Zabala

from Spain

They helped me a lot with the application process and with my career pathway.

Chau Giang_485.jpg

Chau Giang

from Vietnam

RACC has provided a good consultation and nice service in helping me with my temporary working visa. Love to work with them again in the future.

Cheryl Erika Wijaya_485.jpg

Cheryl Erika Wijaya

from Indonesia

RACC especially Leonita is very helpful and active in helping me arrange my TR visa. Very satfisfied with the service.

Dwi Suryana Lestari_801.jpg

Dwi Suryana Lestari

from Indonesia

Thanks RACC Team (Michael, Jewel, Elaine) for helping my application quicker. I am satisfied with the service. I highly recommend this agency to all my friends.

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