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What is Digital Passenger Declaration?


Update on Overseas and Interstate Travel

Overseas and interstate travellers to Australia will need to complete a Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) before arriving to monitor the contact tracing and coronavirus spreads.

According to the Home Affairs, the new Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) system is hoped to improve the efficiency of both form completion for passengers and data collection for authorities from Incoming Passenger Cards – expected to begin by October 2021.


Implications of DPD:

  •  DPD system will allow passengers to complete their passenger cards on a mobile or laptop and submit these to customs authorities via a new digital platform.

  • The DPD will facilitate information being collected and data sharing between state thus enable swift verification of information provided by passengers.

  • The DPD will also allow certified COVID vaccination certificates to be digitally uploaded and connected if and when they become available.

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