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Diploma of

  • Duration: 1 Year

  • Tuition Fee: $8,600 (40% Scholarship)

Original Fee: $20,000

  • Initial Deposit: $2,800

  • Level 1 School

  • Pathway to Bachelors with Credit exemption

Study Agribusiness and learn how to maximize profit while sustainably satisfying the needs of consumers for products related to natural resources such as biotechnologyfarmsfoodforestryfisheriesfuel, and etc.
Pathway to Bachelors with Credit exemption.

You may get a positive skills assessment as an 'Horticulture Technical Officer' which is under Unit group

311111 AGRICULTURAL TECHNICIAN upon course completion and having relevant 1 year work experience.

You may consider studying further and take up a Bachelor/Master with in Agribusiness/Agriculture field which may make you eligible for the following UNIT Groups:

  • 234111 Agricultural Consultant

  • 233912 Agricultural Engineer

  • 234112 Agricultural Scientist

Also, a Bachelor/Master course will give you up to 3 years of Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) with full time working rights in Australia.

Careers Outcome:

  • Agricultural consultant.

  • Estates manager.

  • Farm manager.

  • Fish farm manager.

  • Plant breeder/geneticist.

  • Rural practice surveyor.

  • Soil scientist.

At RACC Australia - We do not charge any service fee for Student Visa Application.

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