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Trade continues to be a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market, never more than today where the Economic recovery is at the forefront of the Government's plan. 

The Australian Government is delivering a record $1.5 manufacturing Investment to create more jobs. This will allow Australian Manufacturers and Trade sectors to scale up, compete internationally, and create more jobs. 


  • Investment of $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI),

  • $52.8 million expansion of the Manufacturing Modernization Fund

  • $107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative.

  • $50 million will be invested in the Industry Growth Centers initiative to support projects in the priority areas out until the end of June 2022.

Trade  Occupations ​​remain a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market. If you prefer to get accredited and qualify for these jobs, there are certain courses that may help attain the qualifications. Following are a few of many:

Earlier this year, different states announced their Visa allocations and updated their Occupation list. Among few of the noticeable and positive changes are:

  • Inclusion of Motor Mechanic in the Canberra (ACT) critical list

  • Trade occupations open for application for South Australia State and Regional Sponsor

Following are invitation round update across different states for popular Trade Occupations.

Please note that this data is as of July 2021. There were multiple invitations issued across different states on September and October as well.

  • Motor Mechanics were invited with only 65 points in recent months in Canberra.

  • There were invitations issued in Tasmania as well in recent  months.

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