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Business Information and Logistics Management

Master of Business Information and Logistics

  • Duration: 2 Years

  • Tuition Fee: $21,000 / semester

  • Up to $24,000 Scholarship

  • 4 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa upon completion* (Full Time Work Right)

  • Your Partner can work full time while you are holding student visa

Career outcome: Graduates from the Master of Business Information and Logistics Management may pursue careers as a business analyst, data analyst, programmer, online marketing specialist, customer relationship manager, IT support or information manager. This will opens the door for domestic as well as international employability in various leading and managerial roles in the future:

  • Project Manager

  • Associate Project Manager

  • Implementation Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Logistics Manager

  • Project Support Specialist

  • Project Analyst

  • Project Coordinator

  • Market Analyst

At RACC Australia - We do not charge any service fee for Student Visa Application.

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