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Coronavirus Affect

Tourist Visa, Visitor Visa, Working Holiday Visa

🔹 Visitor Visa and Tourist Visa

Following the Travel Ban issued from the Australian Government, lots of students and Temporary Visa holders are in limbo. For example,  Visitor Visa holders who have a 12 month Visa with a condition to stay continuously in Australia for no longer than three months may be confused as the home country may have implemented a travel ban and there may not be any other plausible option available to go out of Australia within the three month period.  In that case, the visa holder may have to apply for a new 600 Visitor Visa and request for a visa which will last nine months. 

However, the visa holder should not stay in Australia and breach visa conditions, renewal of Visa Application and application for new visas should be made before the visa expiry date and for the previous example, before the three-month time limit. 

Tourist and Visitor Visa holders may also be able to apply for a Student Visa. You may also be eligible to apply for a Student Visa with and English course. 

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🔹 Working Holiday Visa

Condition of a Working Holiday Visa states that you are not allowed to apply for a Tourist Visa while you are in Australia holding a Working Holiday Visa. But, considering the current exceptional case due to COVID-19, the Immigration could be a bit lax towards this and Tourist Visa could be an option. But, you will not be having working rights with Tourist Visa.

Another plausible option to consider is Student Visa. You may apply for a VISA with an English course as well. You may be eligible to apply for an affordable course starting from $6000 a year with instalment payment options available. 

At RACC Australia, we do not charge any service fee for student visa application. 

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