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The latest Invitation Round (June) is published for The Western Australian State Nominated Migration Program.

  • Invitations were issued starting from only 70 points in the latest Invitation round.

  • Earlier this year, the criteria for WA State and Regional Sponsor had been revised.

Find the updated Criteria here: https://www.racc.net.au/western-australia-skilled-migration

Western Australian SNMP (State Nominated Migration Program) has two streams:

  • General Stream

  • Graduate Stream
    Graduate Stream has two different classifications

  1. Higher Education Graduates

  2. Vocational and Training Graduates (Qualifications starting from Certificate III)

Find out the Eligibility for both these Two streams


Benefits of Western Australian Graduate Stream

  • Relevant Qualifications and Courses from and above Certificate III are eligible to apply

  • Invitations starting from 65 points (including State and Regional Sponsor)

  • More than 100 Occupations in the WA Graduate Stream including IT, Engineering. Trade and many more. Read more: https://www.racc.net.au/occupation-lists

  • Only 1 month waiting period for some Occupations (from EOI Effect date)

Find more information on Western Australia State and Regional Sponsor:

2021 Invitation Round (Latest Invitation breakdown, EOI points, and submission date)

  • SNMP General Stream 

Eoi Points: 75 Points

Submission Date: 01/06/2021

  • SNMP Graduate Stream - Higher Education Graduates

Eoi Points: 70 Points

Submission Date: 13/06/2021

  • SNMP Graduate Stream - Vocational Education and Training Graduates

Eoi Points: 70 Points

Submission Date: 16/06/2021

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