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CAP - Transfer you overseas Nursing Accreditation

CAP Nursing Program

If you are an internationally qualified nurse who wishes to gain registration as a nurse in New Zealand, a 3 month CAP (Competency Assessment Programme) can be your stepping stone. 

  • You can transfer your overseas Registered Nurse accreditation 
     in half the cost compared to that of the Australian Conversion Program.

  • Duration: Only 3 Months

RACC can help you with the full process including:

  • Visa application

  • Get a Travel exemption

  • Course enrolment

  • International Criminal History Check

  • Transfer your accreditation to APHRA

Sign up by this month (December 2021) and avail the promotional offer!

Register here to enrol for the CAP and avail the promotional offer:
Upon filling up, one of our Team members will contact you within the next 48 hours.

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