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Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing/Disability)

Duration: 1 Year
Tuition Fee: $9,500
Initial Deposit: $2,000

Chronic disease disproportionately affects older adults in terms of disability and reduced quality of life. In fact, a majority of seniors are living with at least one chronic disease or condition. As a result, there are far reaching implications for our healthcare system through the increased demand of an aging population.

Taking care of the elders is a very tough job but through proper training, you will understand that it is actually enjoyable. If you are someone working for the elders then you are expected to be patient and positive which this Certificate III and IV Individual Support can help you with.

This Certificate is for medical professionals to learn that it is important to assist the elderly in their daily activities with patience. This is only possible if you are passionate about your career.

Upon completing the course, you may work as a 

  • Home care worker/Personal care assistant

  • Respite carer

  • Community aged care

  • Residential Aged Care Support Worker

  • Lifestyle coordinator

  • Community Support Worker

Due to the increased need of health care workers, these occupations are in Tasmania's Priority designated industry occupation list. If you hold a positive skills assessment in any occupation, you may be eligible to apply for PR through Tasmania Graduate stream upon completing this 1 year course.


If you consider Migration pathway through Community Services/Social Work, check the link below:

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