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12 Weeks Bridging Course for overseas Registered Nurse

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This 6 month course also includes preparation course for OBA exam. By passing the OBA exam, an eligible overseas Registered Nurse can become an Australian Registered Nurse. 
Find more about OBA here:

  • Program Duration: 6 months

  • Fee: $12,000

This is an intensive program. You will participate in on-line Lectures and Tutorials and on campus skills and simulation Assessments include quizzes, case studies, Viva voce and the development of a professional portfolio. Students must successfully complete medication calculation and simulation assessments to be eligible to progress to NURS6006 Professional Practice. Throughout the professional practice course, students will complete assessments to demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence to practice as a Registered Nurse in Australia.

Once you successfully pass the OBA program and become an Australian Registered Nurse, you can apply for Permanent Residency in Australia. ''Registered Nurse" is currently the most in-demand occupation in Australia.

While you apply permanent residency, you still will need to hold a valid visa to stay in Australia.

You can consider multiple options to do so. Few popular options that people consider are:

1) Apply for a Nursing related course to enhance skills furthermore
Diploma of Mental Health

  • Duration: 2 years

  • Fee: 6,000/year

  • Initial Payment: $750

Read more:

2) Master of Nursing

  • Duration: 1.5 years

  • Fee: 24,000/year

  • Upon graduation, you will be eligible for 3 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa with full time working rights

Things to consider before Moving to Australia

You can also consider for 1 Year course (Fee only $1,250) while you are offshore to increase your chances of employability as the job prospect for people with this background is very high. The course will also provide guaranteed placement.

By doing so, you will likely to already be working in a very highly in-demand field with healthy salary while doing the Graduate Certificate of Advanced Nursing course and preparing for OBA.


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