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On 11 February 2024, Myanmar's junta made military service mandatory for all young men and women, state media said, as it struggles to contain armed rebel forces fighting for greater autonomy in various parts of the country.


All men aged 18 to 35 and women aged 18 to 27 are required to serve for up to two years under military command and specialists such as doctors aged up to 45 must serve for three years, state media said Saturday, according to Reuters.

Protection Visa

Australian government concerned for those who have no remaining option other than seeking ministerial intervention.

We have had several visa grants recently with 100% successful grants.

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On 6 October 2023, CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia, Paul Power, wrote to Hon Andrew Giles MP, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs on the announcement to address delays in the onshore protection visa process. The letter welcomed the recent announcements to increase funding to process applications and to provide legal assistance.

We have had several visa grants recently where the full processing time was within one year. Albeit there is no nationality for applicants specified for protection visa, it is pivotal to be a genuine applicant. The ongoing unrest in specific countries may possibly have a role to play for protection visa grants. In this financial year, applicants from Venezuela, Myanmar, Afghanistan has the highest grant rates so far with 100%, 99% and 97% grant respectively. 

Dedicated places for Afghan nationals
87. The Government is committed to s
upporting the Afghan community, with 16,500 places allocated for
Afghan nationals under the Humanitarian Program delivered over four years from 2022-23 to 2025-26.
This is in addition to the 10,000 places for Afghan nationals within the Offshore Humanitarian

Also due to  the ongoing unrest between Russia and Ukraine, ​​​​​Ukrainian nationals who have arrived on a temporary visa and are unable to access standard visa pathways, or cannot return to Ukraine, are not limited to one visa pathway. Ukrainians and their family members who fear harm if they were to return to Ukraine can apply for a Protection Visa (subclass 866).

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We have had several protection visa grants recently.

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Protection visa Australia
Humanitarian and Protection Visas

Update: Australian Government Announcement (13 February 2023) 

Holders of Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) are eligible for a permanent Resolution of may be eligible for Resolution of State Visa (RoS) (Subclass 851).

What is RoS visa?

The RoS visa allows holders to be eligible for permanent residency. With the RoS visa, holders can:

You are eligible to apply for RoS visa if:

  • You currently hold a TPV/SHEV; or

  •  You previously held a TPV/SHEV; or

  • You applied for your first TPV/SHEV and are awaiting a final decision

The Australian Government Announcement (5 May 2021)

The Government has expressed Australia’s condemnation of the ongoing violence in Myanmar.

The Australian Government will be writing to all Myanmar citizens temporarily in Australia with further advice on how to remain lawful in Australia.

  • A range of options may be available to suit individual circumstances, including the grant of new visas

  • Myanmar citizens in Australia to remain here until it is safe for them to return home.

  • Australia on temporary visas may apply to extend their stay until it is safe to return home. 

Australia continues to strongly urge the Myanmar security forces to exercise restraint and refrain from violence against civilians, release those detained arbitrarily and engage in dialogue.

Read the official statement here:

Protection Visa Australia

This Visa is for people who arrived in Australia on a valid visa and want to seek asylum.

It lets you stay in Australia permanently if you engage Australia’s protection obligations and meet all other requirements for the grant of the visa.

With this Visa, you can

  • Live, work, and study in Australia permanently

  • Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence through the offshore Humanitarian Program

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