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The Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program is back. You can claim 25 per cent cash back when you spend $40 or more.

Diners and tourists across Victoria can now claim 25% cash back every time they eat out or visit one of the state’s leading entertainment attractions, thanks to a new $25 million instalment of the state government’s Dining and Entertainment Program.

The Andrews government reintroduced the scheme on Monday, offering restaurant patrons and visitors the ability to claim money back each time they spend $40 or more at a participating venue.

To claim the cash back, participants must upload a copy of their receipt to the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program website, with the government-funded scheme returning funds directly to their bank accounts.

Each participant can claim up to $125 cash back in total, with the scheme running until Friday December 16, 2022, or until its funds are exhausted.

The program follows an initial $60 million offering from the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program that launched in March of this year.

However, unlike the latest offerings, this program was not intended for businesses operating in the greater metropolitan area of ​​the city of Melbourne, who could access the separate Midweek Melbourne Money Rebate program between Monday and Thursday. .

While previous cashback schemes have worked well since Victoria, when restaurants were still plagued by density restrictions and diners' fears of contracting his COVID-19 infection, businesses looking to join the new are facing challenges

A new influx of government subsidies for dining and entertainment is unlikely to address the first challenge — and an increased appetite for restaurant service may stretch understaffed businesses even further.

But the state government believes the scheme could help convince Victorians to visit their favourite venues in spite of rising cost pressures, protecting businesses from a potential drop-off in leisure expenditure.

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