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Victoria State and Regional Sponsor

You may be eligible to apply if you,
have a positive skills assessment AND,
currently living and working in Victoria in your nominated occupation.

What is Skill Assessment?

Your Skills (sometimes including Degree + Work experience) must be accredited by an Australian Skills Assessing body and you must have a positive outcome before applying for Skilled Migration in Australia.​

Following are examples of few of the most popular Skills Assessment bodies in Australia:​

  • AACA – Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, Inc​

  • AASW – Australian Association of Social Workers​

  • CPA - Chartered Public Accountants​

  • TRA – Trades Recognition Australia​

  • VETASSESS – Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services​

For example, IT Graduates need a 1 Year of Full-time work experience or, a Professional Year Degree along with their Australian Bachelor's/Master's degree.​

Victoria State and Regional Sponsor Eligibility

We will advice you within the next 2 business days whether you become eligible or not.

  • We may have to conduct further consultation and provide you a link for that or,

  • if you are eligible, we will send you our service fee and a case officer will be in touch with you shortly upon signing agreement.

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