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Victoria State and Regional Sponsor Update

Many of our clients received invitation in this week with relatively less points. Invitations were issued to occupations mostly from Health, IT and Teaching occupations. Also, few niche occupations received invitations from various industries.

✅Applicants from ANY occupation can apply
✅No minimum work length requirement
✅No need to work in nominated occupation

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NSW State and Regional Sponsor Update

NSW is shifting from publishing a list of eligible ANZSCO unit groups to a new sector-focused approach. Previously, NSW published a skills list comprised of specific ANZSCO unit groups. Now NSW focusing on priority sectors that need skilled talent. ​

✅Applicants from ANY occupation can apply
✅New flexible eligibility criteria
✅Introduction of Target Sector (applications prioritized)
✅Reside in NSW/overseas for the past 3 months


Queensland Australia State and Regional Sponsor Update

✅ Multiple streams available
✅ Broad range of Occupation List
✅ Now QLD Master & Bachelor Graduates may apply through 190 stream (previously was only 491)
✅ Offshore applicants can apply
✅ No job needed for PhD graduates

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Tasmania State and Regional Sponsor Update

In demand Occupations and priority occupations


Hospitality and Tourism

Transport and Logistics

Find the full Priority Occupation List and In-demand courses:

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ACT (Canberra) State and Regional Sponsor Update

Find the occupations with consistent PR invitations with moderate points:

Western Australia State and Regional Sponsor Update

Western Australia Graduate Stream has a promising sign for people willing to pursue Higher studies as on the PR invitations were issued with only 60 points in the recent invitation round.

Find the full Priority Occupation List and In-demand courses:

  • Western Australia Occupation List

  • Latest WA Invitation round



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