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Master of Digital Media

  • Duration: 2 Years

  • Tuition Fee: $14,000/semester

  • Up to 20% Scholarship

  • Fees after Scholarship: Only $11,200/semester

  • Up to 3 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485)

This course will empower you as a professional or entrepreneur across business, marketing, advertising, entertainment, education, and beyond. The course is designed for future-focused professional with an entrepreneurial spirit which provides students with the foundational knowledge and applied skills employers value in marketing using digital media to build brands.


A bachelor in Graphic design and a master in this course, brings a competitive edge to the graduates with a knack for wide range of cultural and disciplinary media strategies up to date with the fast paced, ever changing media and digital globalized market place. 

You’ll learn the skills to excel in:

  • user experience (UX) design

  • game production

  • search engine optimisation

  • content production & strategy

  • visualisations of data

  • social network and web analytics

  • design research.

You’ll also graduate with an impressive portfolio of UX and human-centred design research

Read more on ''Graphic and Web Designer" migration aspect and recent PR (Permanent residency) invitations in Australia:

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