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1-Year Short and Affordable Course Options
in Australia

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Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. According to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (the largest and most diverse university ranking to date), there are as many as 13 Australian universities among the top 200 education providers in the world.

In terms of student visa applications, The Government will increase the amount of savings international students will need in order to get a student visa. This requirement has not been indexed since 2019 and needs to increase to reflect higher living expenses. 

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1-year short courses

Migration Skills Assessment with Diploma courses

To apply for permanent residency, you need to have a positive skills assessment for you nominated occupation. It is comparatively more challenging to attain a skills assessment if your nominated occupation is in the Short-Term Occupation list compared to that of Medium to Long Term Occupation List. 

What is a positive Skills Assessment?
Your Skills (sometimes includes Degree + Work experience) must be accredited by an Australian Skills Assessing body and you must have a positive outcome before applying for Skilled Migration in Australia.

Following are example of few of the most popular Skills Assessment bodies in Australia:

  • AACA – Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, Inc

  • AASW – Australian Association of Social Workers

  • CPA - Chartered Public Accountants

  • TRA – Trades Recognition Australia

There are few in-demand diploma courses, which upon completion, you possibly can get a positive migration skills assessment, such few popular courses are:

  • Cookery

  • Childcare

  • Nursing

  • Community Service etc.

Read more on this here:

Migration Skills Assessment with Diploma Trade courses

Apart from these, there are also Diploma courses which you may attain a Migration Skills assessment through an eligible diploma course. However, you need to be wary of the course and school that you choose and Skills assessment criterion may vary depending on what you choose. which are in high demand.

With most of these courses you can attain a positive Migration Skills assessment whereas there are few occupations among these for which you need at least 1 year of post study work experience in relevant occupation in order to apply for Migration Skills assessment.

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Also check below a few popular Technical Trade occupations and study options which you may get 2 years of Temporary Graduate Visa (TR485):

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There are few other niche courses also which are in very high demand and you can possibly attain a Migration skills assessment through it. You can possibly become an licensed Electrician, get a skills assessment, apply for graduate visa and eventually permanent residency. Check the study option below. Also not so very technical occupation, but specialised occupations such as Hairdressers, Massage Therapists also are in demand across several Australian states including Victoria. Recently in Canberra, Hair dressers received PR invitations with only 55 points. With an accredited course and post study work experience, you can easily attain a positive migration skills assessment and apply for PR. Check out the study options for these courses below.


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