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Every client is special. At RACC, we treat all of our clients as friends. We strive to provide the most genuine advice and our fullest support.


Our priority is to help and to see our clients' smiles when they get to know that their school applications/visas have been approved, that would be the most rewarding moment for us!

RACC has been helping our clients from all over the world for more than 15 years, and have achieved 4.9 out of 5 customer service satisfaction.

Akshay Kumar_485.jpg

Akshay Kumar

from Malaysia

They really helped streamline the entire visa process and really put my heart at ease. Would highly recommend!

Alber Jonathan Christianto Chendra_485.j

Alber Jonathan Christianto Chendra

from Indonesia

RACC helped me with my TR visa application, and I feel grateful for all the help that they provided. I'll definitely recommend RACC for my friends who need help with their visa application.

Ander Plazaola Zabala_485.jpg

Ander Plazaola Zabala

from Spain

They helped me a lot with the application process and with my career pathway.

Chau Giang_485.jpg

Chau Giang

from Vietnam

RACC has provided a good consultation and nice service in helping me with my temporary working visa. Love to work with them again in the future.

Cheryl Erika Wijaya_485.jpg

Cheryl Erika Wijaya

from Indonesia

RACC especially Leonita is very helpful and active in helping me arrange my TR visa. Very satfisfied with the service.

Dwi Suryana Lestari_801.jpg

Dwi Suryana Lestari

from Indonesia

Thanks RACC Team (Michael, Jewel, Elaine) for helping my application quicker. I am satisfied with the service. I highly recommend this agency to all my friends.

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