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2023-24 FY: Major Updates

1. Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485 extension). I am eligible?
3264 course list has been specified; graduates of which can apply for the 2 Year TR 485 extension. This extension is only eligible for

  • Current TR 485 holders who graduated from one of the enlisted course AND,

  • future TR 485 applicants who will be graduating from one of the enlisted course

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2. Speculation surrounding COVID visa. Will it be scrapped?
As we enter the new Financial year, COVID visa will continue for eligible new applicants. You need to meet the below basic eligibility:

  • Current Visa must be expiring within the next 90 days

  • You must be currently working (could be any occupation)

  • You can also study while holding COVID visa

  • Eligible previous TR 485 visa holders can apply for up to 2 years of COVID visa

  • Other visa holders can apply for up to 1 Year of visa

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3. Changing course. Do I need minister's approval to change?
No, you can now possibly change your existing Bachelor course to one of the in-demand Diploma (Example: Cookery) or Trade (Example: Automotive, Carpentry, Painting) courses without having to apply for a new Visa. The news which came out earlier last year, only implies to research students.

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Study options
At RACC, we do not charge any service fee for student visa application.
We have been assisting students both from onshore and overseas for more than 15 years. You may choose a study option starting from Diploma to Master Level. There are also partial scholarship available for up to 35%.
You can book a Free in-person/Phone or WhatsApp(Call) consultation with us via this link:

Detailed PR Pathway Zoom Session (Consultation) 
Plan your PR the right way as timing is very important. It is better if you have an understanding of all your plausible options and then prepare for your PR journey. 
You can book a PR pathway Consultation with our Registered Migration Agent (MARN1572961)
Book a zoom session here:

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